MongodbLogger 0.4.0 for Rails 3. What's new?

Hello my dear friends.

I just released a new version of my gem - MongodbLogger version 0.4.0. What is changed in this version?

  • MongodbLogger from now support adapters. Old version supported only mongo gem (official ruby adapter), but many developers using in own project Mongoid (this gem has own version of MongoDB adapter - Moped). So I removed adapters dependency from MongodbLogger gem, and you must select yourself what adapter want to use with my gem. Also, MongodbLogger is compatible with Mongoid 3 - you can use both in the same Rails application.

  • Changed Google Charts to Rickshaw. Google Charts is very powerful charts, but sometimes it created delays in the MongodbLogger web interface.

  • By default MongodbLogger also write session information in logs.

  • Changed param “safe_insert” to “write_options”, because “safe” options is deprecated in mongo adapter. Detailed information about this option you can read here.

  • Refactored huge amount of code in the gem. Finally, I found the time for this!

More information about MongodbLogger you can found by this links:

That’s all folks! Thank you for reading till the end.


December 08 2012