Working with PostgreSQL: tuning and scaling (4-th edition, russian) and Cooking Infrastructure by Chef (1-st edition)

Hello my dear friends. After a long silence in the blog, I present to you the result of several months - two FREE books.

The first of these books is “Working with PostgreSQL: tuning and scaling”. This book about PostgreSQL database: how you can use it, possible solutions with tunning and scaling this database. This is not new book, it is 4-th edition of my book. I added and updated huge amount of information inside this book. Right now this book present only in Russian language.

postgresql chef

The second book is “Cooking Infrastructure by Chef”. This book should help to understand how to begin work with Chef (DevOps tool) and improve your knowledge about it. This is first release of this book.

All books available in PDF, HTML, ePub and Mobi formats.

BTW, this books also Open Source (CC-by-NC). All books written in LaTeX.

That’s all folks! Thank you for reading till the end.