Check your build status in Travis CI by Sphero

Hello my dear friends. In this article we will learn how to check our travis ci build status by sphero.

What is Sphero?


Sphero is small spherical robot. More info you can find on official page and see it in this video.

Yes, this is just a toy. But this toy have development docs and many SDKs. So you can create applications, which will manipulate Sphero for your needs.

Travis CI

Travis CI is a hosted continuous integration service for the open source community. It is integrated with GitHub and can test many languages. I using Travis CI for my Open Source projects and for me good to know, if some my project have failed tests.


I chouse to use Ruby to write “SBSC” (Sphero Build Status Checker). For Ruby today exist very good library for working with robots - Artoo. Let’s create Gemfile and add to it needed library:

source ''

gem 'artoo'
gem 'artoo-sphero'
gem 'hybridgroup-sphero'
gem 'hybridgroup-serialport'
gem 'travis'

Next we write code for for our “SBSC”:

require 'artoo'
require 'artoo/robot'
require 'travis'

class CISpheroRobot < Artoo::Robot
  connection :sphero, adaptor: :sphero
  device :sphero, driver: :sphero

  work do
    ci_repo = "le0pard/omniauth-yammer" # change on your github repo
    ci_branch = "master"
    repo = Travis::Repository.find(ci_repo)
    sphero.set_color(0, 0, 0) # reset to white color

    every(60.seconds) do
      case repo.branch(ci_branch).state
      when 'passed'
        puts "Your #{ci_repo} is green"
        sphero.set_color(0, 0, 0) # reset to white color
      when 'failed'
        puts "Your #{ci_repo} is failed"
        5.times do
          sphero.set_color rand(255),rand(255),rand(255)
          sphero.roll 20, rand(360)
          sleep 0.5
        sphero.set_color(0, 0, 0)
end!( {sphero: {port: '/dev/tty.Sphero-GGY-AMP-SPP'}}))

So I created class “CISpheroRobot”, which have block “work”. In this method you can manipulate by sphero by object “sphero” with methods “set_color”, “roll”, etc. In the port you can see I used ‘/dev/tty.Sphero-GGY-AMP-SPP’. To find this info you can in terminal of MacOS “ls /dev/tty*”.



Result you can see on this video (sorry for not good quality):

That’s all folks!


September 19 2013