Vagrant images for Ruby and ROR developers

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Vagrant images for Ruby and ROR developers. Vagrant uses Oracle’s VirtualBox or VMware to build configurable, lightweight, and portable virtual machines dynamically.

RWBox contains:

How to install

  1. Install Oracle’s VirtualBox
  2. Install Vagrant
  3. Next just execute in terminal commands:

Ubuntu 14.04

$ vagrant init leopard/rwtrusty64

OR (for Vagrant < 1.5):

$ vagrant box add rwtrusty64

Ubuntu 12.04

$ vagrant init leopard/rwprecise64

OR (for Vagrant < 1.5):

$ vagrant box add rwprecise64



Box usage

Basic setup of image:

$ vagrant init leopard/rwtrusty64
$ vagrant up

Now you can use ssh to login into environment:

$ vagrant ssh

Suspending the environment:

$ vagrant suspend

To resume working:

$ vagrant resume

Halting the environment:

$ vagrant halt

Destroying the environment:

$ vagrant destroy

Port forwarding

Ports form this list are forwarded by default:

3000 => 3100
1080 => 1180

NOTICE: if you'll start mailcatcher gem and want to see mailcatcher inbox from outside – don't forget to use --ip option.


Box setuped by Chef-Solo. For creating package you can use command:

$ vagrant package --output --vagrantfile
// or
$ vagrant package --output --vagrantfile