V8 engine for Elixir with pools

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V8 engine for Elixir with pools.


Application start:


or add it in application section in mix:

def application do
  [mod: {Example, []},
   applications: [ :elixir_v8 ] ]

Create pools

ElixirV8.create_pool(:default, 10)

Where :default is name of pool and 10 is size of pool.

Also you can configure ElixirV8 directly from configuration file to get pools automatically created at application startup. In config/config.exs, add :

config :elixir_v8, pools: [
  test_pool:   [{:size, 10}],
  test_pool_2: [{:size, 20}]

Load js libs to v8

You also can load js libs to each v8 engine in pool:

js_undescore_lib = Mix.Project.app_path <> "/priv/underscore-min.js"

ElixirV8.create_pool(:main, 10, [{:file, js_undescore_lib}])

Using config in mix:

js_undescore_lib = Mix.Project.app_path <> "/priv/underscore-min.js"
js_other_lib = Mix.Project.app_path <> "/priv/some-another-lib.js"

config :elixir_v8,
  pools: [
    main: [
      {:size, 10},
      {:max_overflow, 10},
      {:file, js_undescore_lib},
      {:file, js_other_lib}

Delete pools




Usage of pools (eval js code):

iex(2)> ElixirV8.eval({:global, :main}, "1+2")
{:ok, 3}
iex(3)> ElixirV8.eval({:global, :main}, "1+2+3")
{:ok, 6}

Method eval_function is execute function body with some arguments:

iex(4)> ElixirV8.eval_function({:global, :main}, "return data + 13", [13])
{:ok, 26}
iex(6)> ElixirV8.eval_function({:global, :main}, "return data * 13", [20])
{:ok, 260}
iex(8)> ElixirV8.eval_function({:global, :main}, "return arguments[0] * arguments[1]", [20, 5])
{:ok, 100}


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